A Control Deck in Clash Royale

Crony Horde is like the customary Minions card, be that as it may you summon more units to the field. Follower Horde can be an incredible response to most solid units and are devastating to foes that can’t assault anything noticeable all around.

Tips for a Control Deck in Clash Royale

A control deck will have a hard time not containing a response to when your rival plays multi-unit summoning cards amid a match. Bolts are a control deck’s closest companion. Toxic is another incredible control card that is difficult to leave behind. Whenever cast, a billow of gas gradually harms units after some time and backs off their portability. This is awesome against adversaries that organize setting numerous units on the field or spending a lot of Elixir. This can likewise be an awesome card to play against units progressing towards your towers. The moderate portability that Poison provides for units can permit your own particular cards to assault foes got in the cloud on the field.

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